Sunday, December 30, 2012

Post-Holiday Recap - and More Handspun!

Hello, dear fiber friends! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday filled with lots of happiness and good cheer. :) Mine was nice and quiet - just hanging around the house with Renee and the cats - and I was incredibly overjoyed to find the following bits of fibery goodness amongst my lovely gifts!

Yay for spinning goodies!!
The green bump is Shetland top from Spunky Eclectic ("Going Green" colorway), and the two plastic baggies contain 2 ounces of black alpaca/silk, and - wait for it - 2 incredibly soft, luscious, dreamy ounces of pure cashmere, also from Spunky Eclectic. These were all from my mom and dad, who were incredibly generous and creative with spinning-related gifts this year! I can't wait to spin them all up, especially the cashmere. Yay for exciting new luxury fibers to try!

The pink and orange braid, some almost unbelievably soft and squishy superwash BFL, was from Renee, who somehow managed to find a fiber shop that I'd never heard of before: Woolen Mill St. Yarns by Christina Marie Potter. I'll definitely be checking out more of her lovely fiber! My braid's colorway, "Smaug", was inspired by the fearsome dragon of the same name immortalized in The Hobbit. My fantasy-loving heart was singing with joy!

In spinning news, I have four - yep, four! - new yarns to show you. Can you tell I've been in a bit of spinning frenzy lately? Must be all the snow outside!

The snowy view from my spinning studio.
From left to right, the fiber and yarn are:
  1. Superwash Merino from Into the Whirled - 296 yards, singles
  2. Rare Finnish wool (thanks, Johanna!): 192 yards, 2-ply
  3. Superwash BFL from Into the Whirled: 198 yards, chain-plied
  4. Corriedale from Into the Whirled: 266 yards, 2-ply
Handspun: there's no such thing as too much. :)
I'll add these yarns to my 2012 Handspun Yarn page as soon as I can, where I'll list more details about each skein. For now, though, I'm just happy to sit back and admire them all: I'm quite fond of this batch of yarn!

But even with all the new handspun, my wheel has still been whirring away. An awesome Ravelry swap partner, Kae, gifted me some amazing Targhee from Abstract Fiber ("Hopworks" colorway) that I've been happily spinning into laceweight singles, which I'll eventually ply for strength. I've been meaning to try Targhee for quite awhile now, and can say, one bobbin in, that I just love it: it's super-soft like Merino, but, in my opinion, at least, much easier to manage. I'm already envisioning using this yarn to knit a lovely new shawl to wear to Rhinebeck next year. :)

Soft, squishy, joy-to-spin Targhee!
I can't believe that 2012 is almost at a close! It's hard to believe that almost a year ago, I started my humble blog as a way to chronicle my experiments with spinning, and meet other like-minded people. Though my original intention of posting every single day proved to be too challenging, I'm still so incredibly happy to have embarked on this blogging adventure, and have lots of fun and exciting things in store for 2013, including a few giveaways (I've really missed hosting them!), more tutorials, and project planning. I think 2013 is going to be a year of big projects, and I couldn't be more excited about taking you along with me, every step of the way!

As always, thanks so much for reading! And if you've been following my blog since the beginning - and I know there are at least a couple of you that have been encouraging me from the start :) - I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am. This year has been wonderful, and being connected to so many of you through blogging and Ravelry has made it even better!

Before I close, Leo practically begged me to be The Daily Cat on the blog today. First, he posed in a most handsome and dignified manner...

... and then apparently decided I was pretty boring. 

Have a wonderful day, and talk to you soon! :)


  1. I LOVE THAT BATCH OF YARN. All of those yarns are just so so so beautiful and colorful and yea. Haha that's such a vague comment but it's true. I'm so glad you got more fiber for Christmas, your family definitely knows you well :)

    1. Thanks, Lisa!! I love this batch, too! And I'm so lucky that my family knows about (and understands) my love of fiber. They're so great!

  2. those fibers look so smushy and gorgeous! Also your four yarns turned out completely gorgeous (as usual)!!

  3. Happy New Year to you and yours - including Leo! Looking forward to all the inspiration you will share!

    1. Same to you, Lynn! I'm so excited to see what 2013 has in store! :)

  4. Congratulations on your first year of blogging! I haven't done as much as I planned to, but I've loved keeping up with what you've been spinning this year.

    1. Thanks so much!! This has been such a fun year. 2013 is going to be even better!

  5. Those handspun skeins are each so beautiful, but I really love seeing them all lined up in a row! If I had to pick a favorite I would probably have to pick the pretty blue Merino, there is nothing better than a nice smooshy Merino. I love how well your family knows you, they all know just what you like! I'm looking forward to another wonderful year!

    1. Thanks, Ivy! I'm quite partial to the blue Merino, myself. :) Thanks so much for following my blog and keeping me motivated this year: it's been such a joy! Looking forward to sharing more in 2013!